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Company Name: YUEI CO., LTD.
Castors using high-strength urethane to greatly reduce the load of starting movement. When fitted to a cart, they can easily move heavy objects weighing up to 1t with the help of a person.

Company Name: HOKUEI CO., LTD.
This stairlift helps to transport large loads and heavy materials. It keeps the staircase parallel to the slope and can be used to transport delicate machinery safely due to its small turning circle, even in tight spaces.

Company Name: ZENNO& CO., LTD.
A fully custom-made line pallet that combines cost + lightness + durability + high precision design. It can be flexibly adapted to any assembly line and supports the creation of efficient lines.

Company Name: YAMAZEN CO., LTD.
The MRO can be retrieved "anytime, by anyone, easily" and the records and inventory can be monitored in real time in the cloud. The system can also prevent line stoppages due to missing MRO.

Company Name: TOYO KANETSU K.K.
Ultra-high-density storage and the use of robots for manpower-saving, walk-less picking. It can be installed without stopping current operations and maximises productivity.

Company Name: COSMO TECH CO., LTD.
An environmental product that aims to be carbon neutral. Energy-saving, safe and efficient waste liquid treatment. Concentrates the amount of waste liquid to 1/10th, significantly reducing waste liquid treatment costs.

Company Name: T.K.K.EVOLUTION CO., LTD.
Scale control method without the use of chemicals; BW water reforming equipment removes and prevents the adhesion of scale, thereby reducing power consumption and the amount of chemicals injected.

Company Name: TREND SIGN CO., LTD.
Heat-insulating and heat-retaining covers designed for steam pipes and valves. Due to their excellent thermal insulation performance, they are highly energy-efficient and contribute to reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Air nozzles for draining, dust removal and surface heat treatment. The emphasis is on uniformity of jetting, which helps to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions from the air source.

Company Name: FUNABORI CO., LTD.
Installed on the walls of a building, they create an air flow indoors. Effective not only against heat, but also against welding fumes and condensation, keeping the site environment comfortable.

Company Name: TERAMOTO CO., LTD.
Special processing of fine, high-quality aggregate ensures that the soles of shoes are held securely in place. With outstanding anti-slip performance, these mats help prevent falls and slips caused by water and oil in factories.

Company Name: MARTEC K.K.
Measured load values can be checked from a distance on the hand-held display. Use this as the first step in preventing accidents by ascertaining the exact weight of items that are normally suspended.

Company Name: A-SAFE K.K.
Guards the walking strip and prevents vehicles from entering. The original barrier material absorbs the impact of a vehicle collision and recovers its original shape, eliminating the need for maintenance such as painting or rust-proofing.

Company Name: RIX CORP.
Sound insulation and sound absorption performance combined. Absorbs and attenuates the various frequency bands of sound (100-20,000 Hz) generated, solving on-site noise problems.

Collects airborne dust that cannot be removed by ventilation equipment or dust collectors. Help to improve the air quality in factories and prevent contamination of equipment and products.

Company Name: BLUE STAR R&D CO., LTD.
Deburring, polishing and cleaning all in one machine! Ultrasonic deburring and cleaning is a new deburring method for precision machining that reduces labour costs, stabilises quality and strengthens international competitiveness.

Company Name: CLEANVY CO.
Best-selling washer! The unique vacuum system ensures high drying and solvent recovery rates, low solvent consumption and significantly reduced running costs.

Attached to a deburring machine, it removes burrs easily and equally after punch press and laser processing. We offer a range of polishing options to suit the workpiece by changing the slit width or applying a tip process.

Company Name: SHIBATA CO., LTD.
UFB generator with excellent "compactness", "tailor-made design" and "cost performance". Patented in Japan and abroad, it contributes to improved cleaning effectiveness, water purification and gas-liquid mixing efficiency.

A new cleaning system using advanced German technology that produces a straight water flow close to that found in nature, which realises cost reductions in metal cleaning. 

Company Name: NITTO KOHKI CO., LTD.
Pneumatic belt sander 'Belton', which can be mounted on a robot. It is easy to position and ideal for deburring curved parts.

Company Name: IZUSHI CO., LTD.
Electromagnetic dot-type engraving machine made in France. Capable of engraving part numbers, serial numbers, date of manufacture, etc., and suitable for traceability management. 

3-in-1 laser marker that can be used in a variety of ways: normally as an enclosure type, as a stand type when the workpiece does not fit, or as a portable marking system for larger workpieces.

High-performance fibre laser cutter with a sleek, compact form, born from years of global experience. It can cut stainless steel, brass, aluminium and other materials at a maximum of 4 mm to 8 mm.

High-quality products are available from prototypes of a few pieces to mass production of 50,000 pieces/month. The catalogue base comprises 160 types and 4,000 items, enabling the company to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

This lubricant and processing oil won the lubricity summit showdown in a terrestrial TV programme project. It is completely chlorine-free and environmentally and human health-friendly.

This equipment enables the production of nitrogen gas at the flick of a switch. Unlike purchasing gas, there are no price increases, no delivery management, no inventory burdens and no raw material costs as it is produced from air. 

This is an electric elevating work table that combines an original Japanese-made electric elevating unit and a top board tilting mechanism. The tilting of the top board improves assembly workability and work efficiency.

Company Name: SHIN-EI SANGYO CO., LTD.
No tools are required and the HEPA clean unit can be easily folded away with the HEPA clean unit in place. Would you like to clean just the corner of your factory or workroom where you need it, locally?

Company Name: MIANMARK CO., LTD.
This is a patented method of filling voids under the floor and correcting floor tilts and steps without stopping normal operations. Are floor 'tilts', 'tumbles', 'steps' and 'underfloor voids' reducing your operational efficiency?

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