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French metal 3D printer manufacturer AddUp introduces its new generation machine, the FormUp350. Good surface finish and high-density parts can be moulded.

Company Name: 3D SYSTEMS JAPAN K.K.
Extra large metal 3D printer with a build size of 500 x 500 x 500 (mm). Titanium alloy, nickel alloy and aluminium alloy are available.

Company Name:HTL Co. Japan Ltd.
Laser and powder-bed metal 3D printer from German company Aconity3D. High-quality modelling of complex shapes is possible.

Company Name: FASOTEC CO., LTD.
It is a safe and easy way to produce high-quality metal parts. With equipment costs as low as those of a resin printer, it brings innovation to the process of manufacturing metal parts.

Company Name: RICOH JAPAN CO., LTD.
We select the most suitable model based on what the customer wants from a 3D printer. We also offer contract modelling services that do not involve the introduction of a machine.

Stratasys resin 3D printers with the largest market share in the world and Desktop Metal metal 3D printers.

Company Name: EXTRABOLD Inc.
3D AM machine with thermal melt extrusion method using thermoplastic resin pellets. It has a large work area and a high-speed discharge rate of up to 15 kg/h, one of the highest in Japan.

Company Name:K.K.IRISU
Bigrep large 3D printer. Sizes 1,005 x 1,005 x 1,005 (mm) high; can accommodate multiple spools up to 8 kg.

Powerful, cost-effective and versatile multi-material 3D printer with reasonable installation costs among SLS 3D printers.

Company Name: BFULL CO., LTD.
Industrial optical 3D printers have been introduced in many countries around the world due to their superior maintainability, design and cost-effectiveness

Formlabs SLS & optical resin 3D printers and Creatbot brand resin 3D printers capable of relatively large builds.

Company Name: JAPAN 3D PRINTER CO., LTD.
The Raise 3D printer Pro2 series has sold about 2000 units in Japan, and the new Pro3 will be available from November 2021.

Shapes that cannot be moulded by LIM, injection or compression moulding can now be produced with almost the same performance as the aforementioned moulding methods.

Company Name: SINTO V-CERAX LTD.
The effective moulding area is W100 mm x D100 mm x H150 mm and is used in the aeronautical, medical, semiconductor and automotive industries.

Company Name: CARBON
Resin 3D printers made with innovative 3D printer technology from US company Carbon. Samples of sneaker midsoles and automotive parts are also on display.

Company Name: KEYENCE CORP.
Professional 3D printer for designers. World's first water-soluble support material. High-definition modelling with a stacking pitch of 15 µm. Hassle-free assembly confirmation.

Company Name: D-MEC LTD.
A low-cost, high-definition 3D printer has been released. The range of mouldable parts is X300 mm x Y300 mm x Z200-300 mm.

Company Name: SEA FORCE CO.
It creates models with the latest modelling techniques using a galvanometric scanner. The tabletop model 028J is ideal for users with many small, delicate models.

Company Name: AFIT CORP.
New 3D printer for PEEK with newly developed 500°C high temperature heating head. Efficient moulding of PEEK material, including moulding chamber heating and stage heating.

Compact industrial 3D printer capable of super engineering plastics with settings up to 450°C. Suitable for the production of functional parts and for materials R&D applications.

Company Name: SUNSTELLA CO.
While priced in the ¥60,000 range for consumers, the machine is equipped with a 300°C-compatible direct extruder, enabling the modelling of various resins.

Company Name: S.LAB INC.
Pellet-type 3D printers that can use resin pellets directly. The product is produced in-house, from design and development to manufacturing and sales.

The UV-cured inkjet method achieves full-colour modelling in over 10 million colours. It provides twice as many high-definition colour expressions as the common plaster method.

Company Name: BMF JAPAN INC.
Our advantage is that we can produce parts at the world's highest precision level, with an optical resolution of 2um/10 µm, while maintaining practical build size and speed.

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