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Company Name: THK CO., LTD.
The LM Guide is the world's first product to use a rolling element for linear motion. It makes machines more precise, rigid, labor-saving, faster and longer-lasting.

A lighter weight and flatter shape than ever before! Our company has added a new series that pursues lightweight and flat shapes in HarmonicDrive(R) unit products.

All stainless steel miniature guidance systems! The best linear guides for miniaturisation, long life and high speed equipment.

Company Name: FINE SINTER CO., LTD.
The industry's smallest class hydraulic package! Accumulator (*optional) attached unit can be realized the high speed responsiveness and long time keeping the position.

Company Name: STAR SEIKI CO.,LTD
Tool changers for robot diversification! The tool changer is a quick and easy way to change the hands of robots and transport loaders. We offer our tool changers at the lowest prices in the industry.

Company Name: THREE PEACE CO., LTD.
More than 5,000 types of geared motors! We design, manufacture and sell a wide range of geared motors from φ16mm to □60mm. We also specialize in geared motors with special shapes.

Company Name: NIPPO DENKI CO., LTD.
"In-wheel motors" - the right motor for the right application! The motor is built into the wheel to reduce weight and cost.

ATC type (automatic tool changing) series with lightweight legs! The shaft end can be selected from BT shank or BBT and HSK with 2 face width constraint. The body is made of aluminium frame, which makes the model lighter and more compact as well as more efficient in cooling and less heat generation.

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