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"Additive Mindset" A Key Factor for Success in Metal 3D Printing

Thomas H. Pang, Ph.D.
Japan Director
GE Additive

Additive manufacturing technology, more specifically metal 3D printers, has seen significant acceptance around the world as well as in Japan, and has been utilized actively for various industrial products ranging from aircraft engines, heavy industrial, to medical equipment. However, it is not that easy to achieve success in Additive. In this presentation, a key factor for achieving success in Additive manufacturing, known as "Additive Mindset" will be described along with various application success stories including mass production using metal Additive Manufacturing.

Accelerated Additive Factory

Genta Oda
Printer Sales Director & General Manager, Japan
3D Systems Japan K.K.

In Japan, there is an image of a 3D printer “being used as a prototype", but in Europe and the U.S., the flow of "utilizing tools and products/components produced by 3D printers for production/manufacturing" is accelerating. We introduce what scenes and how our customers who are the pioneer of 3D printer makers are using the latest case examples.

"Manufacturing Revolution" Brought by 3D Printers

Omer Krieger
Executive Vice President of Products
Stratasys Ltd.

In recent years, the accuracy and speed of 3D printing technology have been improved. Various developments such as shaping materials and software have been underway and the use of 3D printing has been expanding from the conventional trial processes to the production applications of tools and final products. As the world's No.1 provider of 3D printing solutions, we introduce the "Manufacturing Revolution" that 3D printers have brought to the world, including the latest examples from Europe and the U.S.

Current Situation & Future Prospects of Japan's Aviation Industry

Koji Inoue
Manufacturing Industries Bureau
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Discussion on the current situation and future prospects of the aviation industry, one of the most promising growth industry; Also, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's support for prospective new market entrants into the industry segment, with successful cares are also discussed.

Boeing's Partnerships in Japan, the Aerospace Business Environment, and Reflections on the Future of Flight

Brett C. Gerry
Boeing Japan
Vice President
Boeing International

Boeing is a global company, with customers in more than 100 countries and a supply chain
that extends to six continents. Within that, its relationship with Japan - Boeing's largest source of supply outside the United States - is very special. Mr. Gerry will address the current business environment, Boeing’s product and manufacturing strategies, and exciting trends that are shaping the future of aerospace.

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