Freedom of Mobility for All
- Toyota Automated Driving Technology for the future mobility society -

Ken Koibuchi
Senior General Manager
Advanced Safety System Field
Advanced R&D and Engineering Company

Automated driving technology holds high hopes to be one of the important core technologies for the future mobility society. In recent years, the realization of its technology is closer than ever,  and therefore, a keen competition, globally. In this lecture, I would like to show the picture of how Toyota is moving forward in development of automated driving technology, talk about potential issues for implementation to the public, and also its impact to our society.

Mazda’s Monotsukuri (production)
– Find the head pin through selection and concentration

Mitsuo Hitomi
Senior Innovation Fellow
Mazda Motor Corporation

It is said that the automobile industry is currently facing a once-in-a-century period of transformation. Without a clear vision, the best action that we can take is to do efficiently what should be done and shift human resources to key areas for the future. If you compare it to bowling, it is an approach to try to find the head pin and hit it to knock down all pins. I will introduce our approach of development innovation to overcome this challenge with some examples.

AI for 3D Printing and the Future of Adaptive Manufacturing

Greg Mark

The next industrial revolution is coming in the form of smart factories designed to accelerate the production and manufacturing process. Having started with cloud-connected 3D printers, Markforged is now working to bring part precision to additive manufacturing with the help of their new AI software, Blacksmith. Join Greg Mark, CEO and Founder of Markforged, as he speaks to the evolution of 3D printing and the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of adaptive manufacturing and smart factories.

How 3D Printing is Now Infiltrating Our Daily Life and Manufacturing?

Gary Shu
Deputy Director of Market Development Division
XYZprinting, Inc.

After more than 20 years of technology development and the hips of the recent years, is 3D printing really into our life or if it is still a future tense? XYZprinting would like to show you how 3D printing is already in our life and how we speed up this process:
・Educating our next generation the new methodologies
・Making 3D printing available to everyone
・Making 3D printing feasible for manufacturing
And we’d like to share some case studies and our vision…