The current strategy of the Toyota Production System

Kyogo Onoue

Chief Officer,
TPS Group
Toyota Motor Corporation

Challenges in the evolution of mobility

Izumi Kawanishi

Executive Vice President,
AI Robotics Business, 
Senior General Manager of AI Robotics Business Group
Sony Group Corporation

Compatibility of business growth and environmental initiatives

Takenori Takahashi

Corporate Vice President,
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Digital innovation and DX strategies

Takeshi Narisako

Senior Director,
Research & Development Center
Denso Corporation

A talk of the head of the procurement department

Makio Takeuchi

Executive Officer,
Global Procurement
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

The future of mobility expands from jet engine development

Yoshihiko Wajima

Innovative Research Excellence, Power Unit & Energy,
Aero Engine Business Division,
Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.


Latest innovations in AM and 3D printers

Michiaki Mori

Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd.


Medical device development and DX promotion

Shinji Omori

General Manager,
DX Promotion Department
Terumo Corporation

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