Medical Device Development Expo [MEDIX] is a specialized exhibition which will bring together the latest technologies required to design and manufacture medical devices, such as electronic/optical components, needles/pipes/tubes, surface treatment, processing technology and OEM/ODM solutions. It attracts a great number of medical device manufacturers who manufacture syringes, thermometers, artificial organs, catheters, MRI systems, patient monitors, etc. and conduct concrete business meetings with them.

Business Structure during the show

Exhibitor Profile

Mechanical Components|IT Solutions|Motion Technologies|Prototype Manufacturing|Electronic Components|Vacuum Pumps|Testing Devices|Disposable Product OEM/ODM|Needles

Deburring Technologies|Sterilization Products|Washers|Cutting technologies|Connectors|Tube Pumps|Sensors|Surface Coating|Tubes etc.

Fluid Power Technologies|Motors
|Cleaners|Casting/Molding|Cables|Measurement Devices|Medical Device OEM/ODM|Surface Treatment

Visitor Profile

Medical Device Manufacturers, Health Care Equipment Manufacturers, Medical Robot Manufacturers especially from following departments:Design & Development,R&D,Prototype Manufacturing,Assembling,Purchasing,Quality Control,IT System,Logistics,Management. 

Concurrent Shows

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