3D & Virtual Reality Expo [IVR]

3D & Virtual Reality Expo [IVR] is an exhibition for 3D/VR technologies & solutions for all industries. IVR attracts a significant number of professionals every year from image producing companies, amusement industries, broadcasting stations, public offices and manufacturing industries, to conduct lively business discussions with exhibitors.

Exhibit Profile

Head Mounted Display Fair

Head Mounted Displays | VR/AR Devices | VR/AR Glasses | Wearable Devices | etc.

AR Fair

AR Contents Production | AR Development Tools | AR Apps Development | AR Promotion | etc.

3D Map/GIS Fair

  3D Maps | Geographic Data Service | Geographic Information Systems (GIS) | Geolocation Services
  | etc.

3D Measurement Fair

3D Digitizers | 3D Measurement Services | 3D Measurement Systems | 3D Measurement Cameras | etc.

Other Products & Technology for 3D & Virtual Reality

VR Systems | MR Systems | Motion Captures | Stereoscopy Displays | 3D Projects | 3D Contents Production | Eye-Tracking Systems | Simulation Production Tools | 3D CG Production Tools | 360-Degree Panoramic | 3D Cameras | 3D Sound Systems | etc. 

Visitor Profile

Industry professionals from manufacturing, construction, real estate, traffic infrastructure, public offices, universities and research institutions, broadcasting stations, telecommunications, content development and images production company, advertisement and display, amusement and leisure structure.

Next show

Top companies in IVR industries will exhibit!
IVR is the exhibition for 3D/VR technologies & solutions for all industries. The next show will be held grandly with 2,050* exhibitors.

90,000* professionals including VR industry will come to visit the show.
88,679 professionals (including concurrent shows) from a wild range of VR industry in 2018 visited this show, and there will be around 90,000 professionals in 2019.

*Expected, including concurrent shows.

Exhibitors Comments

2018 Exhibitor Comments (excerpts)


Our president had business meeting with customers at the booth by himself. We
received inquiries from real estate industry, and we expect to achieve sales of USD 180,000.


Our new products linked with VR, IoT, AI attracted visitors’ eyes and we’ve got many inquiries. Our sales is expected to be USD 90,000 from event promoters and others.


We expect sales of USD 110,000 from automotive makers and others. So, we decided to exhibit with double space next time.

2018 Visitor Comments (excerpts)


We made appointments with exhibitors before the show and discussed deeply at the venue. We plan to introduce VR Systems at USD 225,000.


We plan to introduce VR content at USD 90,000. We were satisfied with having
concrete business talks while experiencing products’ demonstrations.


We plan to introduce advanced display with USD 54,000. Although we visited this show for the first time, we are very satisfied with extensive line up of exhibits.

Concurrent Shows

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