Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo [FacTex]

Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo [FacTex] is an exhibition gathering all kinds of products/equipment for factory improvement & maintenance such as energy saving products, logistics/material handling equipment, maintenance, safety/disaster prevention equipment. FacTex attracts a significant number of manufacturing industry professionals from factory management, production engineering, maintenance, procurement, purchasing, logistics, management and general affairs department, to conduct lively business discussions with exhibitors.

Exhibit Profile

Factory Facilities

Blowers, Coolers|Driers, Heaters|Dust Collectors, Gas Recovery Devices|Washing Machines, Detergents|Oil Water/Chemical Disposers|Cleanroom|Sprayers|Rotating Lamps, Indicating Lamps|Safety Fences, Shutters|Chairs, Scaffold, Stepladder|Workbench, Shelf|Marking Machine, Marker

Factory Equipment

Working Clothing, Gloves, Shoes|Helmets, Hats|Industrial Glasses, mask|Working Tools|Safety Equipment|Packaging, Storage Products|Tapes,Seals|Office Supplies, Stationeries

Logistics/Material Handling Equipment

Labor-Saving Equipment|Logistics Equipment|Material Handling Equipment|Work Vehicles

Energy Saving Products

Air-conditioning, Ventilating Installation|Lighting, Lighting Fixtures|Heat Insulation Coatings| Power Visualization System


 Replacement Units and Parts|Lubricating Oil|Adhesive, Repairing Materials|Paint, Painting|Non-Destructive Inspection, Measuring Inspection|Equipment Management Systems|Repair Work Services|Maintenance equipment, tools

Factory Security

Security Cameras|Access Management Systems|Operator Management Systems|Wildlife Harm Measures

Disaster Prevention Equipment

 Seismic Isolation, Vibration Control Products|Disaster Prevention Products|Safety Confirmation Systems|Fire Fighting, Fire Protection Products, etc.

Visitor Profile

 Manufacturing industry professionals
from factory management, production engineering, maintenance, procurement, purchasing, logistics, materials, management, and general affairs department

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