Industrial AI/IoT Expo

Industrial AI/IoT Expo is an exhibition gathering "AI/IoT" products & solutions for manufacturing industry. It attracts a significant number of manufacturing industry professionals from information system, production engineering, factory management, design, development and management department, to conduct lively business discussions with exhibitors.

Exhibit Profile

● AI Solutions

● IoT Platforms

● IoT Gateways

● Sensor Network & Devices

● Cloud Computing    

● Control Systems    

● Wearable Devices

● Network Modules & Devices

● Security              

● Big Data Management

● Mobile Devices

● Data Centers

● Remote Control Systems

● Measuring Instruments       etc.

Visitor Profile

Manufacturing industry professionals
from information system, production engineering, production management, factory management, quality control, maintenance, design, development and management department.

Concurrent Shows

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Specialised in "AI/IoT" products & solutions for manufacturing industry

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