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What's Manufacturing World Nagoya?

About Manufacturing World Nagoya

3rd Manufacturing World Nagoya is a purely business to business trade show in Nagoya, specialising in the products, technologies and solution for manufacturing industry. All kinds of mechanical parts/subcontracting services (fasteners, springs, tube components, etc.), IT services (CAD, CAM, production management system, etc.), products/equipment for factory maintenance (factory facilities/equipment, energy saving products, etc.) and technologies/components for aerospace manufacturing (ultra-precision materials processing, mechanical parts, etc.) are exhibited under one roof. It is held in Nagoya which is one of the central areas of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing World Nagoya consists of:

Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo Nagoya (M-Tech Nagoya)

M-Tech Nagoya is a trade show gathering all kinds of mechanical parts/subcontracting services such as bearings, motors, fasteners, springs, tube components, etc.

Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo Nagoya (DMS Nagoya)

DMS Nagoya is a trade show gathering wide variety of IT services for manufacturing industry such as CAD, CAM, production management system, 3D printers, etc.

Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo Nagoya (FacTex Nagoya)

FacTex Nagoya is a trade show covering all kinds of products/equipment for factory maintenance!

AeroTech Nagoya

AeroTech Nagoya is a trade show gathering all kinds of technologies/components for aerospace development/manufacturing.

Exhibits & Visitors

Exhibit Profile

[M-Tech Nagoya]

Motion Technology / Motor Fair

Fluid Power Transmission / Tube Components Fair

Mechanical Parts & Related Products Fair

Fasteners / Mechanical Springs Fair

Materials & Fabrication Technology Fair

Surface Treatment & Modification Fair

Hand/Machine Tools Fair

Deburring & Industrial Cleaning Fair

Testing / Measuring / Sensor Fair

[DMS Nagoya]


CAE Zone

3D Printers / Rapid Prototyping Zone

3D Measurement Zone

SCM / ERP / Production Management System Zone

Design & Manufacturing Outsourcing Zone

Next-Generation Factory Zone

[FacTex Nagoya]

Factory Facilities

Factory Equipment

Energy Saving Products

Maintenance Equipment

Factory Security Solutions

Factory IT Solutions

Disaster Prevention Equipment

[AeroTech Nagoya]

Ultra-Precision, Difficult-to-Cut Materials Processing

Control Equipment, Sensors

Fasteners, Bolts

Processing Machines, Machine Tools

Fluid Power Transmissions, Tube

Connecters, Power Supplies

Testing, Measuring Machines

Advanced Composite Materials, Highly Functional Materials

IT Solution

Visitor Profile:

Professionals from manufacturers below:


  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Precision Apparatus
  • Heavy Industry
  • Machinery
  • Aerospace and Other Industries

[Job Function]

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • R&D
  • Purchase/Procurement
  • Testing/Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Information System
  • Production Management
  • Plant/Facility Management
  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Management

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