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Why Exhibit?

Expand its scale largely

<Number of Exhibitors>

in 2015

2,253 Exhibitors
in 2016

2,318 Exhibitors
in 2017

2,420 Exhibitors

<Number of Visitors>

in 2015

81,469 Visitors
in 2016

87,285 Visitors
in 2017

89,000 Visitors

The Solemn Declaration of No Inflated Numbers
We consistently count visitor registration numbers clearly and stringently and, without deception, continue to release the real numbers.

Please refer to the following URL for details on the counting method. www.japan-mfg.jp/en/doc/TAC/

Qualified visitors gathering

◆ High percentage of
              decision makers!

◆ Big demands for
     international exhibitors!

Meet industry professionals from Japan & Asia

Manufacturing World Japan is the place where all kinds of cutting edge components/services/solutions for any types of manufacturing industry gathers from around the world. You can find the right target of visitors at your booth stand.

■ 2016 Visitors’ Comments (excerpts)


We visited to find machinery parts such as metal parts and flat springs for camera and copier. We are proceeding our internal process to purchase aluminum die-casting parts from Taiwan exhibitor and the order quantity will be 20,000 – 30,000 units.


We had meetings with about 30 exhibitors and have already decided to order subcontracting processing (metal processing, heat treatment, etc.) We plan to order 10 times a month and the potential amount of business is maximum USD 300,000 per month.


This is the must-attend show for Huawei. We came here to search for companies dealing with surface treatment technology and metal processing service for our products. Definitely, we will come back to 2017 show.


We visited the show to seek mechanical components for camera robots. We will soon select a partner from several on-site meetings for the USD 300,000 business deal.

The number of international exhibitors are increasing year by year

Number of International Exhibitors

Successful Results Achieved by Exhibitors - 2016 Exhibitor Comments (excerpts) -


We satisfied to meet with highly-motivated visitors during the show. We had 3 high potential inquiries, and got an order in the next week of the show. We offered coupling about USD 15,000 at the beginning and expect it will be expanding month by month. Manufacturing World Japan is a must-attend show for us, so we are sure to exhibit for next year.


We have been exhibiting in the past 4 years. Manufacturing World Japan show is the place where we can meet manufacturers who has subsidiary in Southeast Asia. We already visited 2 new potential clients, and are discussing casting parts for motor cover. The sales amount is expected to be USD 20,000 per month. We secured booth for 2017 during the show.


We were so surprised about the quality of the visitors. We had on-site discussions with about 140 visitors and over 90% of these visitors were our right target. We expect the annual sales USD 98,000 from 2016 show. We will definitely exhibit at Manufacturing World 2017!


We had over 80 business discussions and achieved to have 15 high potential leads during the show. 2 of them have already visited our factory and made USD 6,000 sample orders. We have decided to exhibit at 2017 show with larger booth!

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